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Home Equity Loans

Home equity loans (sometimes called second mortgages) offer homeowners a lump sum of cash when they leverage the equity in their homes. While the interest rates are usually higher than on traditional mortgages, the terms are also usually shorter.  For certain individuals, this can be a good solution for paying off debt, emergency expenses or even for investment. At HouseMoney Financial, we offer a number of mortgage solutions including home equity loans.

If you have equity in your home, a home equity loan allows you to borrow as much as 85% of that equity. This is true even if your credit is less than stellar.

If you have been turned down for other types of loans, this product may be a good solution for you. Whether you need to make renovations, pay for medical expenses or need a down payment for an investment property, a home equity loan can help.  Let us help you determine whether this mortgage product is the best solution for you or whether you would be better served by another solution such as refinancing.

We will assess your financial situation and make a recommendation that makes sense for you.


Get Approved Regardless of Your Credit

Even if you have little or no credit, you can still qualify for a home equity loan. In fact, as long as you have equity in your home, even bankruptcy can’t prevent you from leveraging that equity.

This makes this type of loan an excellent product for those who are looking for a way to start repairing their credit. Consider using the money to consolidate your high-interest debts, save for retirement or pay off liens, judgments or tax arrears.

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If you are looking for a mortgage solution to suit your needs, then contact the team at HouseMoney Financial today. We offer a wide range of products including home equity loans.

As independent mortgage advisors, we work with a large number of both traditional and private lenders. This means we can shop around on your behalf to get you the best interest rates and terms. Our experts will help you at each stage of the process from exploring your options to completing the paperwork.

Whether you are interested in a home equity loan or another mortgage solution, you can trust the team at HouseMoney Financial. Call us today to learn more.

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