Looking to fund your start-up? A commercial mortgage can help you! Read on to learn
more on commercial mortgages in Markham and Pickering!

Starting your own business in Markham and Pickering is quite an exciting journey. From ideation to fruition, everything is done with extreme care. A commercial mortgage can be the perfect way to give your business that extra boost during launch.

What is a commercial mortgage?

Commercial mortgages are taken against property that is to be used for a business. The lender does not have fixed market rates to go by but instead analyzes the risks involved with the applicant.

Are you eligible for a commercial mortgage in Markham and Pickering?

There are certain items you may need to check off your list before you are ready to qualify for a commercial mortgage.

  •  Decent credit score
  •  Good business plan
  •  Valid tax statements

If you’re on the good side of this check-list, your profile will immediately be one of interest to lenders. However, mortgage brokers like HouseMoney Financial can help you get the right rates even with bad credit.

Bad credit? No problem! Get in touch with HouseMoney Financial for a shot at a good commercial mortgage.

What is the process to apply for a commercial mortgage in Markham and Pickering?

As a start-up owner, it is critical to ensure you are making the best decisions for your company. Commercial mortgage Markham and Pickering lenders analyze the risk they are undertaking with your application. Most borrowers prefer to consult with a mortgage broker to ensure their application fits the bill. They can help simplify and speed up the approval process too.

How does it work?

  •  Document verification
  •  Property inspection
  •  Finalizing plans and rates
  •  Confirmation

While this may seem like a simple process, most borrowers are aware of how one small thing can make a drastic different in the rates you are presented. Mortgage brokers can help you navigate your way to the best rates and even find the right lender for you.

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